About Albany

Albany was conceived as the brainchild of 2 longstanding colleagues who had previously worked together at a small/medium sized private practice in the West End and a larger corporate firm in the City.

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We saw a gap in the market for a small independent Chartered Surveying practice who are able to take advantage of modern technology and office systems.

In turn, we can offer the client competitive fees, whilst ensuring that the quality of work and attention to detail is never compromised.

Reducing overheads and being constantly mobile and flexible allows us to ensure that our business model is not compromised.

At Albany we guarantee all of our customers the direct attention of a Chartered Surveyor, you will not be passed around, looked after by unqualified staff or kept waiting.

Core Values


All surveyors are Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, as and when trainee staff are involved, we guarantee ALL work they carry out will be overseen directly by a Director.


We give our clients realistic fees and timescales and our innovative modern systems mean that we are able to deliver. We limit internal bureaucracy and constraints which allow us to pass on these benefits to the client. We would rather leave a client pleasantly surprised by our efficiency than disappointed by broken promises.


We are governed by the ethical code of the RICS but more importantly created Albany as a brand that all employees can be proud to represent. No document or advice will be given by any employee that our Directors would not be happy to call their own. As a key value we will never have any affiliation to a particular client or contractor.


With over 14 years of Surveying experience our Directors at Albany will be on hand at all times to listen and provide professional advice. We will never take on more work than we can handle and as such hope to show our loyal clients that we can be relied on to deliver consistency and quality over and above our corporate competitors.



Philip Stylianou BA (Hons) PGDip MRICS



Desmond O’Mahoney MSc MRICS